5 Insane Taylor Swift Conspiracy Theories

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Look, celebrity gossip and the internet are like peanut butter and chocolate. They just go together. No matter how much of them we devour together, we just want more. But among the vast constellation of celebrities,  no one generates more (or wilder) rumors than Taylor Swift. From the mundane (She only carries empty purses.) to the insane (To avoid paparazzi, She travels inside empty suitcases.), Swift is the queen of internet gossip. We gathered together five of the wilder conspiracy theories about her into this article. Let’s start off slow.

Here are the most insane Taylor Swift conspiracy theories…

#1 – She’s a Secret Nazi

taylor swift conspiracy theories
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Swift’s squeaky-clean, girl-next-door image has endeared her to legions of die-hard fans but has also attracted the attention of more nefarious groups. With the rise of the alt-right on the internet, sites like The Daily Stormtrooper appropriated Swift’s likeness in racist, extreme right-wing memes. Swift and her team were slow to refute any connection between the pop star and white supremacist ideology. This led many to take Swift’s silence as unspoken support to the claims.

The accusations reached a head in 2017 when an article that appeared on the leftist entertainment site PopFront that addressed these issues prompted Swift’s team to issue a cease and desist order. This got the ACLU in involved. They claimed that by issuing the order, Swift’s team was trying to “suppress constitutionally protected speech.”

Swift has since drawn the ire of the alt-right. When Swift recently broke her self-imposed political silence, she broke left, endorsing two Democratic running in her home stat of Tennessee in the last election. Politics are messy.

If you thought that was bad, here’s one about Swift’s “Evil Twin”…