15 People Who Literally Came Back from the Dead

People Who Came Back From The Dead
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You may have heard bizarre stories of people being pronounced clinically dead by doctors — only to later come back to life. But outside of a zombie film or The Walking Dead series, are there really people who came back from the dead?

The answer, it would seem, is yes!

Whether they ended up waking up at their own funeral, were misdiagnosed and trapped alive in a morgue freezer, or miraculously awoke after having their heart stop beating for nearly an hour, the people in this video have some crazy tales to tell.

In fact, it’s actually a phenomenon labeled the “Lazarus syndrome” — after the biblical character Lazarus whom Jesus is said to have brought back to life. But what makes people come back to life after being pronounced dead?

Check out the video below for 15 people who literally came back from the dead. Then, below that, we walk a little about Lazarus Syndrom.

People Who Came Back From The Dead

So, what’s the story about Lazarus Syndrom? According to Healthline, “Lazarus syndrome refers to your blood circulation returning spontaneously after your heart stops beating, and fails to restart despite cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). In short, it’s returning to life after it appears that you’ve died.”

So, in short, it’s the idea that you have technically died but then come back to life. It’s also known by several other names, such as:

  • Lazarus phenomenon
  • Lazarus heart
  • autoresuscitation
  • autoresuscitation after failed CPR
  • delayed return of spontaneous circulation after failed CPR

If this topic fascinated you like it does us, you may be interested in some of these stories.